Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Random Things

I'm not ever going to make Lemon Blueberry Cake again. When it turns out right it is awesome. It only turns out right half the time. Usually when it doesn't go quite right the cake is really sticky. Well, I made it this weekend, and it came out rubbery. Frustrating. I love cake. I ate a slice. It is pretty gross. It isn't cake. Now I have to throw it all out! Awful! I'm blaming the oven here. Things don't turn out like they usually do in this oven. Piece of crap electric. Still, I'm not going to make that cake again. I'm a little worried about making any cake in that oven. Will the dessert party be possible? We'll see.

I'm super stressed out and can't blog about it (which annoys me, but is probably for the best).

We have had guac with the jalapenos from my mini garden. Yummy. I have another eggplant growing. And another bloom, so I might eventually have two growing at once. I'm going to try and take a photo every day, or every couple of days and see if I can make a little slide-show movie out of it, like they do in those documentaries.

I didn't go hiking today because I feel like I just need to chill. Maybe I'll do some yoga.

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V said...

And I'm always saying piece of crap gas oven in our new place. Always burning my breads.