Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ross's Birthday

I went to the gym for a couple of hours while Ross did some handyman stuff around the house. On the way home from the gym I ran a couple of errands, including a stop to get Ross a present. I haven't had many chances really, since he's home all the time now. When I got home he proudly showed me the things he'd done and I proudly gave him his present--which came with a free tote bag and T-shirt because the guy who helped me was really cool. Ross continued work on one of his projects (I'll post a photo later) while I sat in my own filth and watched my soap/wrote an email. Now what did Ross want for dinner? You only get one guess. Pizza. We rented The Mummy and ate pizza, chips, then popcorn. I'm not going to weigh myself for a couple of days. That much salt will probably push me up over 150. I think it was an odd birthday day for Ross, but he's happy. A couple of people, including our favorite aunt Judy, remembered without any sort of reminder.

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