Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dessert Party 2008

This year's dessert party was awesome! We had a great turn out. Everything was ready by noon, and I didn't spend the entire party in the kitchen. I don't think that there was anything that turned out to be a TOTAL dud. Let's see. Starting from the left we had: zabaglione with optional cherries, red velvet cupcakes, lime cupcakes, triple layer fudge, panna cotta with chestnut honey, chocolate Guinness goodness (pudding), pink peppercorn chocolate cake, ciambella alla menta (mint cake), mixed berry pie, tiramisu, and chocolate pear cake. Not pictured: pumpkin mousse.

Ross made the zabaglione, fudge, and the pie crust. I'm not sure how the cupcakes turned out. I thought the lime frosting was better than the actual cupcake. The red velvet cupcakes seemed to go over well. No one commented on the tiramisu, but it went very quickly. The consensus seemed to be that that regular panna cotta is better than this one with the chestnut honey flavor. I like the flavor, but I think it was a little strong and turned out too sweet. I think my favorites were the mint cake and the pumpkin mousse.

Ethan and Anir ran around the house like a couple of, well, little boys. Ethan found one of Bailey's old mouse toys and had fun chasing people around with it. Then he decided the mouse needed a nap. He made a bed out of a plate, gave him a napkin blanket, and made him a T-shirt out of an old rag. Bailey slept on our bed during the entire party.
Ethan was in a great mood. He didn't eat much, but he really dug into a cup of the chocolate Guinness goodness.
I somehow didn't gain any weight (maybe because I haven't tried everything yet). We are headed to the gym today, and I've got jury duty tomorrow!


V said...
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V said...

Seriously - can you mail me any leftovers?!? I'll reimburse you for postage and your time!