Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bailey's Trick

Bailey does one trick. She sits when I give her the hand signal (which isn't shown in the photo) and give her the command, and then when I tell her to stick 'em up she jumps up. Most times she tries to grab the gun. Such a hero. We only do this on the weekends and she gets special food (wet food) as her reward.
Bailey is the cutest thing on Earth. Lately Ross likes to tease her with other "S" words. Yesterday he said "other people's stupid kids" and "scrumptious." She just flinches. He doesn't fake her out. She waits for him to say "Stick 'em up!" before she jumps up (but sometimes she complains loudly that he's making her wait).
Anytime we sleep in she thinks it is the weekend and gets excited. She's been rather confused lately. Yesterday she cried and cried when she realized it was finally the weekend.
This morning I slept in and didn't get a photo of Ross getting her to do her trick, so I put some treats on her plate and had her do it again for photos.

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