Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cycle Two

Yesterday my dad and I went for another ride. We started out on the levee and then moved into a new neighborhood (lots of empty lots and unsold houses). I was only able to manage three trips around the neighborhood. The levee was kind of cool. We could see the Rio Grande to one side and horses to the other. When we got into the neighborhood there was a truck with two dogs. So silly. People drive their dogs out to a semi-remote area and let them run round and poop everywhere while they just sit in their truck. There was dog poop everywhere in the park. We rode nine and a half miles, but it seemed like twenty. There weren't really hills, but some uphill areas, and we seemed to be going into the wind on those streets. It kind of reminded me of the ride Ross and I did in San Francisco. I was really worn out at the end of the ride. I also managed to do some weight exercises yesterday before the ride.
I was much better yesterday. I drank over 100 oz. of water and didn't binge eat. I don't think I even had one chip! We went shopping some more and mom bought me some work out tops. I think I'm all set for working out and for teaching now.

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