Thursday, July 17, 2008

Vegas--The Venetian

My mom and I went to Vegas for 5 days and stayed at the Venetian. The hotel was very fancy. The outside of the hotel was built to look like Venice, including the Rialto bridge (with moving sidewalks!!). There was a canal in front of the hotel complete with gondolas. It really didn't look at all like Venice, but it was pretty. It was so hot and bright out during the day. It was kind of eerie, but there were very few people out during the day. The experience was totally different at night. Throngs of people were out on the streets. Things look totally different at night. The hotel has at least 5 swimming pools, a shopping center, two food courts, a spa, huge casino (of course), and tons of restaurants. If you didn't want to you'd never have to leave the hotel.

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