Thursday, July 17, 2008

Funhouse Mirror

The hotel room was grand. King size bed, living room area, 3 televisions, marble bathroom, bathtub and shower (separate), electric curtains controlled by remote control ... very luxurious. I noticed that the full length mirror outside the bathroom distorted my image. I noticed this when stepping out of the shower and seeing myself naked. I laughed and thought, I don't look like that! The mirror stretched me out and made me look taller and leaner. It was a real hoot. I don't think that the photo really captures the effect.
On the last day I managed to get out to the pool and swim. I actually swam laps, not just laid on the lounge chair. Man, it really wore me out and made me sleepy and hungry. I actually went swimming at the pool at the Palazzo. It wasn't crowded because it was in the shade (90+ degrees at 9a) and so people were at the Venetian (in the sun) splashing around and tanning. There was actually another guy swimming laps, so I felt comfortable actually swimming instead of just playing around. Boy, was I sore the next day. I was happy to actually get some exercise (besides walking, which we did plenty of) and wear my new bathing suit. I wish I'd gone swimming on a couple of the other days also. Oh, well, I can go swimming at the gym.

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Anonymous said...

You are looking good! Sounds like you and your mom had a great vacation.-Tejal