Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hotel Wonderlands

Each hotel had it's own wonderland complete with plenty of high end shopping. This photo is of the grand canal shops at the Venetian. They have a canal and you can ride a gondola around. It is located on the 2d floor and is completely indoors! With the painted ceilings you feel like you are outside (except it is air conditioned). There was entertainment every hour in St. Mark's square. The canal looked like it was full of toilet water because it was so blue. Nothing like the actual Venice. A few of the hotels have the painted ceiling indoor shopping areas. I thought the Grand Canal felt the most realistic (giving the feeling that you were outside). I thought the Caesar's Forum Shops had the best shopping. It was an entire mall! Three levels! And it was so beautiful. I found a pair of white lucky brand button fly jeans there on Thursday and it just made my day. I was tired and starting to get cranky, but some cute little jeans turned that all around. When we got back to the hotel I took a shower (to get off all the smog dirt and sweat) and then a bath with a lush bomb.

Mystere was my favorite (Tuesday night), but my favorite day overall was Thursday. We spent the morning at the spa. I had a salt scrub and my mom had a massage. Then we just hung out at the spa relaxing and using the saunas. We had dinner and watched a drag show then walked the strip and checked out all the hotels--Paris, Bellagio (we watched the fountains, and I wasn't impressed by the Chihuly glass ceiling), and Caesar's Palace (my favorite). We took tons of photos. I wish I could post them all.

The photo above is a mosaic behind the front desk at Caesar's palace. The whole place was full of statues and other forms of art. Even the flower arrangements were beautiful. Caesar's was definitely the most impressive.


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