Thursday, March 22, 2012

Unfinished Nightmare

I have recurring nightmares. The one I keep having recently is a variation on the math/school dream. I dream that I'm one class away from finishing something. Like my medical degree, and if I don't pass, then I can't graduate. Sometimes I find out that I never graduated from high school or college, despite the fact that I finished medical school. Last night I dreamt that I had never finished high school. Going back to finish high school--that's a nightmare. And who one ever asks to see your high school diploma. I'm not sure why I feel the need to go back and finish. I have no idea why I'm so worried that I might fail the class.

This is all probably related to the fact that I don't finish a lot of things. And deep down that does bother me. But high school? I did finish that, and way more. In real life I'd never go back to high school, missing diploma or not.

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shelly said...

i had those dreams when i was young. I played tennis and all my tennis coaches were at the pearly gates of heaven waiting on me. before i could go in they had to approve of me. But my dreams were very young. in my teens. you should find a good dream interpreter counselor. someone skilled in jungian psychology. good luck.