Sunday, March 11, 2012

Partner Balancing

Yesterday Ross and I went to the Trapeze School of New York---in D.C. for a Living Social adventure. We got to try partner balancing, silks, and the flying trapeze.

I wasn't excited at all about the partner balancing, but it turned out to be really fun. Turns out that the base is really where the balance is. The person on the bottom has to be strong and still.

Posts and photos of silks and flying trapeze to come. Oh, and video too.

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Disobedient Tiger said...

there were supposed to be 12 couples. only 10 showed. we were split into 3 groups: 12 to trapeze, 4 to silks, 4 to partner balancing. so we lucked out with a small group of 4 people, and we were fairly brave and energetic. as one of our group said "our group won, i mean, if it were a competition, we were the best"