Friday, September 3, 2010

Recurrent Nightmares

My recurring nightmares fall into one of a few categories:
1. The Math Dream: These are themes on a variation. School dreams. I can't remember my locker combination or I can't find my class or book. A lot of times I can't remember my class schedule. Sometimes I find out I've been enrolled in a class that I've never been to and I have a test coming up. If I don't pass the class I won't graduate.

2. The Naked Dream: The nightmares are where I am partially naked. Usually I find myself topless and I'm trying to cover up. When I'm totally naked I'm not bothered at all. I act like it is totally normal to walk around naked, and everyone else is bothered.

3. The Bus Dream: I'm lost, or late, and I'm tryingto find my way somewhere. I don't know the bus routes, or I get off the bus and end up walking forever. These dreams usually take place in an alternate dream-version of Austin. These are sometimes combined with the Math Dream.

4. The Screaming Dream: I'm not screaming because I'm frightened, I'm screaming cause I'm really pissed off. Usually I get into an argument with someone and then I just end up screaming at them at the top of my lungs. Sometimes I get violent. These dreams are the worst because I wake up feeling emotionally drained.

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Nicole said...

I totally have your 1 and 3 nightmares as well. All of your variations on number 1, I've had.

For number 1, I also sometimes dream that although I thought I graduated from high school/college I really didn't and I have to take some class or classes to finish.

For number 3, I sometimes have a dream that there are a lot of buses like in a line or in a lot and I need to catch my bus but I don't know the number so I can't figure out which is mine.

And these are always nightmares, not just regular dreams. Weird.