Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Denver Eats

We ate out a lot in Denver. Every place we went was great. We started off at Annie's and ended up at Del Frisco's.

In between we went to a couple of other restaurants. Fruition was by far the best. We met up with Ross's cousin Aliza (whom we had never met), and had a full-on 3 course meal. I'm not sure how to describe the restaurant. It is fancy, but you feel like you're sitting in someone's dimly lit dining room. It is frou-frou, but not hoity-toity. It's seriously good food without a serious attitude. Ross had the duck, Aunt Judy had the vegetarian option, and Aliza and I had the veal cheeks. Ross says his was the best, but mine was nothing to scoff at. The meat just fell apart. We shared 5 desserts. Yes, 5! I actually had the cheese plate. I'm not sure which I liked best, my cheese plate or the espresso bean pot de creme. Everything was heavenly. I even had tea with dessert. I'm sure if you check out the menus you'll find yourself drooling.

At Del Frisco's we had steak and cake. We shared the lemon cake for dessert. We came up with a new name for it--death row cake. If I was on death row, that's what I'd want for my last meal.

Overall Denver seemed like a really cool place, a place I could see myself living in. Like Aunt Judy said--if we can't get straight back to Texas we might have to consider moving to Denver.

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