Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Denver Zoo

We took a 4 day weekend this past weekend and went to Denver to visit Aunt Judy. On Saturday the weather was beautiful. We walked to Einstein's for bagels in the morning, then we spent the afternoon at the Denver Zoo. We were at the zoo until they kicked us out. The zoo was impressive. We saw animals we'd never seen before--like an anteater! 

I love peacocks. One day I will have a peacock. I don't care what my neighbors say.
At the end of the day the lions were all relaxing. This guy looked so soft I just wanted to pet his wrinkly face and bury my hands in his big mane.
This is a pygmy falcon. Tiny little bird of prey. When we first saw him I thought he was stuffed, but nope. He puffed up and slimmed down and looked around for us.
 The anteater!
The cutest thing at the zoo--the arctic fox. If that doesn't get your oxytocins flowing, then you are an awful, cruel person.

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