Monday, March 12, 2012

Aerial Silks

The second part of our class was silks. The whole reason I signed up for the class was because silks were offered. Ross thinks silks are super cool. Our group for partner balancing and silks was only 2 couples, and the guy in the second couple wasn't really into the silks, so there were just three of us, and we were really enthusiastic, so the teacher taught us how to do a foot lock. Well, first we had to learn to climb. That was tough! The silks were a real work out. Tough on the upper body and core for sure.

Ross wants to install silks in our house. I'm all for it. I had fun doing the aerial yoga and fun spinning on the silks.


Nicole said...

Awwww. You guys look so elegant. I know for a fact that I would be unable to hoist myself up that rope. I have weak spaghetti arms. You guys are naturals. By the way, Kat, your ass looks fantastic in that last video. Me-yow.

k. said...

Aw. You're sweet Nicole--complementing my bum like that! The silks was definitely a work out. I'm not sure I could last through a one hour class.