Friday, June 26, 2009

Visiting the Lusters

I headed down to Germantown this week to spend some time with the Lusters. I was super excited about going to the pool. The weather was perfect and we all had fun in the water. I need to figure out the community pool policy in our neighborhood so I can go hang out there when the sun is shining.

I have to admit I wish our area was more like Germantown. They have ethnic grocery stores and restaurants of every kind. I was able to get paneer, Korean bakery bread, and even some boba so that I can make milk tea with boba at home. I visited the library with the girls, and it was amazing! (Our library's self check out system is still cooler.)

The girls wore me out (including Valerie, who took me to bootcamp last night). I came home today passed out for a couple of hours. Now I'm ready for some ice cream!

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V said...

Those are some pretty cool pictures, if I do say so myself (for one of them).