Friday, June 5, 2009


Our library here is kind of cool. It has that self check out machine, wii games, is very large and looks great from the outside (and the inside too I guess). I do have gripes about a few things:

1. They have 4-5 copies of each book in the children's story (easy) book section. I'd rather they had 2 of each book and had more selection.

2. They are on the Dewey Decimal system.

3. They have way too many different sections of books. They have a section for easy books, cardboard books, concept books, youth books, young adult books, and adult books (and there are more). These sections are even further broken down. Then they have different sections for all different kinds of new books. Graphic novels can be found in 4 different sections of the library! It is annoying! This is why I read Maus II before Maus I--I couldn't find Maus I. I must admit that one of the librarians was very helpful today and helped Ross find a book. It is just frustrating that they don't have all the books on one topic in one section. 

4. Their definition of non-fiction is interesting. I spotted Star Wars books in the youth non-fiction section. I've always found it interesting that some story books and fairy tale books are in the non-fiction section.  What makes one book about Baba Yaga a fiction/easy/picture book and one non-fiction? It's the same freaking story!

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Disobedient Tiger said...

Are you suggesting the Star Wars is fiction? Hullo, it says it happened a long time ago...