Saturday, June 20, 2009

Addiction Swapping

Well, swapping Yahoo Answers for the knitting needles didn't exactly work. I haven't been back to Yahoo Answers, but instead of knitting I've been spending a whole lot of time playing Letter Rip on
I wanted to knit something really small last week and couldn't even remember how to cast on stitches! I figured it out, and made what I wanted to make (although I think I might have to make another one).
This week I noticed I haven't been watching Netflix movies online as much as I was when we first subscribed. So the new plan is to watch a movie in the afternoon and work on knitting my shorts while I watch. I suppose I won't be watching the foreign films--the subtitles will be too distracting, but I have plenty of other things on my instant cue to watch. Let's see how this plan goes.

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