Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rocks Park Excursion

For a change of pace we headed to Rocks State Park today. I wanted to check it out because it has an outcropping that people rock climb on. We headed straight to the area, called the King and Queen's seat (I have no idea why, it doesn't look anything like seats to me). I scrambled around on the really large rocks and we took a few pictures. Okay, this photo doesn't show it, but this mushroom was rather large. It was just calling out to me saying "I'll make a great mushroom burger!"  I resisted it. We didn't see as many critters as we usually do hiking, but we did see a really large bird of prey.  It got really close, but we didn't get the camera out in time to take a photo. It was buzzardy-looking. I am more interested in birds of prey than song birds.

Someone pointed out a snake between a couple of the boulders and Ross got a good photo of it. After playing around on the rocks we hiked the white trail loop (about 2.25 miles). I have to say, the trails were very well labeled, especially at the intersections (which isn't the case at Susquehanna). The whole area was different from Susquehanna. It was really rocky in spots, and the rocks were covered in moss. We saw a lot of moss, and at least 3 different kinds.

It was a pretty good hike. Maybe next time we will check out the Falls Branch area of the park, which is further North.

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V said...

That does sound like a fun place to hike!