Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pennsylvania Deutsch Country Excursion

Yesterday we took a little drive to check out Lancaster County, PA. We checked out a farmer's market in Lancaster and another in Bird in Hand. We went to a lot of little shops. We ended up buying mostly food stuffs (no surprise there). Let's see, we bought: a spanakopita, a tyropita, a sticky rice ball, blackberry jam, cookies, whoopie pies, home made root beer, ice cream, 2 faceless dolls, some postcards, and some books. I never would have thought I'd like a whoopie pie. Fluffy frosting between two mini cakes. Well, make those cakes pumpkin cakes and you've got my vote.

We saw plenty of horses and buggies. I like the way the horses prance along. The other cool thing we saw was Amish folk on scooters. After lunch I saw two of the cutest kids I've ever seen.
From a distance I thought they were puppies. They were very friendly and super soft. I just couldn't get over how adorable they were.

We also saw plenty of quilts. Only one shop had the traditional solid color quilts. A few shops had heirloom quilts (one solid piece of material, in off white). Whenever I mention the Q word Ross retorts with the D word. I told him buying a quilt would be cheaper than a divorce. He says I can only use that excuse once, so I'll have to choose my quilt carefully.

Next time we go up there I'm going to have to stop for some raw milk.

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V said...

I love home made root beer. It's the best!