Wednesday, June 3, 2009

On Track

After last week's laziness I'm aiming for 500 minutes of exercise this week.  I'm right on track after hiking a little over two hours today. I think I am learning the trails and I managed to stay on course today.

I hear and see a lot of birds on the trail. I don't know a thing about birds. I'm not really that interested. I hear a woodpecker most days I go hiking, and it reminds me of Fort Worth. We had a woodpecker in the birch behind the house. I'm more interested in the different kinds of mushrooms I see. Maybe it is the food potential! 

I took a couple of different trail spurs today just to see what they were like.  One had a barn along side it and another couple of buildings. The hay field that I walked through a couple weeks ago has since been mowed.

The best part about today's hike was the smell. The honeysuckle is in full bloom and I love it. I'm sure the honeysuckle in Texas has already bloomed.  I miss Texas, but I'm sure going to miss these hikes when we go back.
I keep seeing these berries all over the park.  They look kind of like strawberries, but close up they are spikey.  Strange.

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