Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hot Yoga

I went to yoga in Towson today. The carpet still creeps me out. It was a standing yoga class for about an hour we then did some hip openers and finished with a couple of inversions. The class wasn't as crowded today. I had to really resist my OCD compulsion to correct the person next to me. If we had mirrors I could focus on correcting myself. Anyway, today we did more new things. I enjoyed a squatting balance and walking down the wall into a backbend. I didn't walk back up the wall during class, but after class I gave it a try and I could do it. Now that we have (a knock off) gorilla pod I might try taking some pictures of myself so that I can post them. I'd like to post a photo of headstand with full lotus and that squatting balance. It was fun. I'm thinking of trying a different class at a different location next week. I think the midtown location is carpet-free and I'll be going South of B-more in the afternoon anyway.

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