Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spray, Scrub, Wipe

I have been cleaning the house while Ross has been painting. This morning he painted around the windows in the living room. Yeah! He's been in the guest room a while working on the trim, windows, and doors in there. I think we will even get the ceiling of our bedroom painted before we leave.

I have been dusting and cleaning, and scrubbing and wiping. It is like the ultimate Spring cleaning event. The major thing that is left is the floors. I have swiffered a bunch, but now we need to sweep (Ross is good at that) and mop. The scooba is on the fritz, so we packed it, and I will go across the street to see if I can buy a cheap mop. We can't put Murphy's oil soap in the scooba anyway, and I want to make the floors look really nice.

Oh, and we have to pack up the last few things that are left. Mostly clothes and bathroom items. And the Singer sewing table accidentally got left behind. Oops. We are going to try and fit that in the subee also.

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