Monday, March 2, 2009


To take a break from today's sweeping, swiffering, and mopping we walked to the post office and the grocery store.

I took a big bag of change with us. I knew it would be a lot. More than twenty dollars. Well, here is what we put in the Coinstar machine:

Dollars 1 (I have no idea...)
Half Dollars 2
Quarters 164
Dimes 316
Nickels 190
Pennies 1634

Total: 99.94!!!!!!

Boo-Yeah, oh, so close to 100, but since we opted for an Amazon e-certificate we didn't have to pay the 8 1/2 percent fee and got the full 99.94.

The machine rejected some Italian, German, Canadian, and Cayman coins. Along the way it also rejected a bunch of pennies, but I just kept throwing them back in the sorter, and it eventually took them all.

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V said...

You guys are rollin' in the dough! Awesome!