Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Uh, I'm Not Asleep

It is 4:41 and I've been up for at least two hours. I'm yawning, but I have a tummy ache and can't sleep. In a few hours I'll go teach my last yoga class.

We finally went and saw Coraline on Monday. We both liked it. I didn't think it was scary, but I'm desensitized, so who knows. It was odd--like all Neil Gaiman stuff.

Oh, and I finally got my sunglasses back. The bling fell out of them back in uh, November, maybe December--and I just got the replacement pair. Apparently they were back ordered and out of stock everywhere.

Yeah, and the high for today is supposed to be 80. 80! I'm definitely going to miss Texas weather--even the severe weather.

Ross has been painting the trim in the guest room, looks like that might be done tomorrow.

I guess that is enough updating, I will try to go back to bed now.

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