Thursday, March 5, 2009

OOP (Out Of Patience)

I am not completely out of patience.  I am particularly out of patience with people--flaky people.  I'm tired of people making excuses.  I'm tired of people saying they will do something and they don't.  I'm tired of people with no courtesy or consideration.  I'm tired of people acting as if their time is more important than mine.  I'm really tired of people pretending they care, but then deeming I'm not worthy of the the two minutes it takes to make a phone call or reply to my e-mail.

I admit I'm also flaky, but most of the time I'm flaking out on myself.  I read about this guy that was a total fuck-up, and one day he decided to change.  He became a totally reliable person.  If he said he was going to do something--he did it.  If he said he'd be there--he was there--on time.  That is the kind of person I want to be.

People aren't busy.  They are lazy.  I don't want to be lazy.

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