Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our First Excursion

When I lived in Maryland before I didn't get out much. This time I'm going to see and do as much as I can because I'm not sure how long we will be here. One thing that we have here that we didn't have in Fort Worth is nearby hiking. Yesterday we headed to Susquehanna State Park (only 15 minutes away) for a hike. It was more of a nature walk than a hike this time, but I really enjoyed it, and it was great to get some exercise and fresh air in my lungs. Next time we will try out some more challenging trails.
The first part of the walk was along train tracks. It is hard to tell, but the ground is about five feet under the tracks at this one spot. Ross thought it was too easy for me and started stomping on the tracks when I was almost across. I still made it without falling (can't say the same for Ross, and I wasn't anywhere near the tracks when he was crossing).
We walked out along the Susquehanna River's edge, and walked back along the train tracks.
I didn't try to walk across this section. Here you can see one track still pretty straight, and the other has sagged down to the ground below.
This is the water that runs along the inside of the island we explored.

After our hike we headed to the dairy where we met up with Valerie and Evelyn. I think Evelyn really liked her ice cream (we all did). Ross had a good time playing with Evelyn--reading her a book, playing with her outside, and trying to get her to pet a lamb. Ice cream was the perfect ending to our excursion.


Sujata said...

Dude -- this just totally reminded me of Stand By Me!

V said...

That dairy is AWESOME! It's a good thing we don't live as close to it as you guys do.

Love the genuine smile you captured on Evelyn. That's a rarity.