Saturday, March 14, 2009

Okay, How Did That Happen?

Ross has been having a hell of a time setting up internet here. He spent an hour on the phone with ATT trying to transfer service from Fort Worth. After speaking to 10 people in that hour he was told ATT DSL is not available in our area. Frustrated, Ross went online and signed up for Verizon phone and DSL. The phone was set up yesterday, but we were declined DSL, so Ross spent over an hour online signing up for Comcast cable internet. Understandably, Ross was very frustrated. We should have cable internet in about a week--until then we must endure unreliable unsecured internet.

When we got to the condo Ross checked to see what kind of TVreception we got with an antenna--not much. Then he plugged into the cable jack to see if we have any cable. We had a bunch of sports channels and the 4 main channels, plus some other random channels. Ross looked on the internet, and the channel numbers didn't match up with the channel guide--but I was just happy to have such a clear picture. After years of watching fuzzy television having a clear picture was such a treat. The one problem--no PBS.

We have a DVR--an old one. We need the phone line so that it can update the programming information. Yesterday Ross hooked up the DVR to the fresh phone line and downloaded the programming information. He then flipped through the channels to see if the guide was matching up to what was actually showing on TV. When we got to channel 15...nope. Guide said Judge Judy, TV was showing E!. We kept flipping channels, and they matched. Ross went back to channel 15. Judge Judy. Okay. How'd that happen? Oh, and PBS now comes in....and so does every other channel. Suddenly we have cable. And a DVR with the correct channel guide. No more downloading Colbert on iTunes. I just have to keep the crap TV watching to a bare minimum. I vow not to become a cable crap TV junkie.

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