Monday, March 30, 2009

Missing Things

We didn't bring a whole lot of food items with us when we moved. Now our refrigerator is relatively sparse. Our pantry is much smaller than the one we had before, so it looks full. There are so many things that I am used to having in the house that I am missing now. When I made muffins last weekend I had to run to the store to get brown sugar. When we made burgers last week I discovered we don't have ketchup. I'm going to make chili tonight and realized we don't have any Guinness! I'm sure slowly but surely things will start to fill in, I'm just used to having all that stuff already.

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V said...

It was probably 10 months after our move that I finally had all my staples back in the pantry. I ran into the same issues you described. It's annoying!