Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Well, right after I finish this post I need to get back to packing. The back room is all packed up, as is the guest room. Today Ross is going to work on painting the trim in the guest room. He painted the ceiling in there last night. I think the bulk of the packing is done. The moving units come tomorrow. We will have a couple days to fill them and they will take them away on Friday at some point.

Today I taught my last class at 24 Hour Fitness. I am really going to miss those folks. I took them oatmeal cookies, and they seemed to like that. Two more classes and I'm done. I'll go back to working out at home, and hopefully I'll be doing more yoga (lately I haven't been practicing at home at all).

We haven't found someone to rent out the house yet. The timing is a little off. TCU students don't want to start renting until June. Maybe that will give me some time to come back down here and fix up a few things...

On an unrelated note: Bailey is still purring like a real cat. In the mornings especially she purrs nonstop. I think she is finally realizing something is up, but she's having fun playing in the boxes and biting the plastic and bubble wrap that is strewn all over.

Time to get back to it...even though Bailey is trying to curl up in my lap.

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V said...

We girls will go down and help you fix up your house! Evelyn is ALWAYS talking about missing Texas, maybe that would give her the peace of mind she needs.

You know how smart cats are - Bailey is wondering where her next adventure is taking her.