Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Baby Has Sauce

We had a great Valentine's day. We met Valerie and her family for lunch in Baltimore's inner harbor. Then we all headed to the B & O Railroad Museum. We saw some really cool stuff there. After the museum closed we headed up to Towson. We picked up some snacks at Trader Joe's and tried to walk off lunch at the mall.

When we were finally hungry we went for Thai food. Ross saw someone coming out of a spot about a block away from the restaurant. He turned on his blinker and waited. When the guy finally pulled out, a big Hummer monstrosity pulled around us and tried to back into the spot. Ross honked the horn and pulled forward to block the spot. Man, that guy had balls! But my Baby's got sauce. He got the parking spot. We were in a rental car, so I didn't care if the guy came back and keyed it. We got the spot!

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