Monday, February 2, 2009

Oh, and uh

Scrubs. I forgot to put scrubs on my list of pet peeves.

Most people who wear scrubs don't need to wear scrubs. Anyone who is remotely involved in the medical business feels that they can and should wear scrubs. This bugs me so much. People think they look professional wearing expandable waistband pajamas around.

Actually, scrubs aren't my pet peeve. What irks me is when people wear them out in public. When I worked in a military hospital it was forbidden to walk into or out of the hospital in scrubs. Scrubs are for the hospital. Scrubs are medical coveralls--they get covered in miscellaneous body fluids. If your scrubs never get body fluids on them--you don't need to wear scrubs. If you have a job where you actually need to wear scrubs, then for gosh sakes, don't wear them out in public! That's just gross. I hate being in a restaurant and somebody walks in wearing scrubs. Even if you wear a gown over your scrubs (i.e. in a surgical suite), stuff still gets on them, and I don't think you should wear them out in public.

I wonder if those people also take their scrubs home and wash them with the rest of their clothes. Eeeew.

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LisaDiane said...

Ha! You are very correct. I just watched an episode of What Not to Wear in which the woman wore scrubs all the time, but was not really required to wear them for work, even! Stacy and Clinton said NO!

Miss you! I can't believe I won't get to see you before you go east.