Sunday, February 8, 2009

Garage Sale and More

This weekend we had a garage sale. Saturday we sold almost all the furniture and a bunch of small stuff. Today, we sold 2 mugs. Oh well, we will donate the leftovers. The clothes didn't really seem interesting to anyone. Our big sale was actually the car. Yep, my first car ever, that little blue Saturn, is gone! I was actually sad to see it go. Ross says he'll buy me a shinier car.

I was glad to get some money for stuff we would have normally donated. The problem is that the house is now a mess. I want to start packing stuff up so that I don't have to look at it laying around everywhere.

The packing hasn't started because I am sick. I spent the afternoon reading and napping. I'm whiny and miserable right now. I think the cold is heading down to my lungs. I'm totally congested, tired, and don't care about anything right now. Since I'm not feeling so great I've gone off the No C diet. It isn't like I was doing so well anyway. I was finding all sorts of sugar to eat. Speaking of C's and sugar--I'm going to have some ice cream.

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V said...

Get well soon!!! :)