Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Last Year's Goals

Looking back at last year's goals it looks like I accomplished about half of them.

I finished the Dark Tower series by Stephen King and I finished reading a novel in Spanish. I read El Alquimista. I wanted to read a book originally written in Spanish, and I already had this one so I read it. Turns out it was originally in Portuguese. Oops. Close enough. I really enjoyed the book. It was about learning to listen to your heart and the universe in order to fulfill your destiny.

I finished more than two knitting projects. And I've already started my first one of this year.

We went to the Drive In, and to New York City. I'm not sure if we went to the Drive In three times, but I did enjoy the times we went, and I went to NYC twice and got me some boots!

I did not get back to 140 lb. In fact I'm starting off the year just about where I was last year. I'll give it a real try this year.

And I didn't make any progress on the rest of the goals. Time for some new ones.

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Disobedient Tiger said...

drive in 5 times in 2011