Friday, January 13, 2012

Black Hand

Sometimes I think I have more than a black thumb. I have a black hand. We had a couple of really cold nights, and I think my violet, Patty, was too close to the window and froze. Now she's dead.

Despite my plant-killer black hand I still buy plants. In fact, I just bought a hyacinth bulb. The thing has grown very quickly and it tried to commit suicide by jumping out of it's vase. Seriously. I came home and it was fallen over onto the counter. The flower has opened up, and it is very fragrant.

I've also killed my rosemary and most of my mint is dead. Bailey has chewed up the jalapenos so bad I'm not sure they are going to survive.

The good news is that my Jade and my Cactus are still okay--even though they were on the window sill, and still are. I've had the cactus since 2005. I think that's the longest I've ever had a plant.

That reminds me----I should probably water my plants.

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Nicole said...

I know this affliction far too well. Many a plant has died under my care.