Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Snowboard Trip #2 of the Season

Ross and I headed up to Pennsylvania again last Saturday for another round of snowboarding. We were excited because they had gotten some real snow, and it was supposed to continue to snow. When we headed out in the morning it was raining pretty heavily. I checked the forecast, and it said again that it would be fine on the slopes. It took us forever to get to the ski slopes. The weather was bad, so we weren't speeding, and then we passed the exit we were supposed to take. When we were almost there we found out that some buses were blocking the final way into the resort (if you can call it that), and we had to take a detour around the back side of the hill on some back roads.

We finally got there, got all suited up, got our passes, and got on the slopes around 11. It was very different from last week. The snow was fluffy and soft--not packed down and hard. There was some ice, but not like last week. I feel like I got much more of a work out this go 'round. My thighs were burnin'. I tried doing the toe dig again, but would either chicken out, or fall onto my face. My knees didn't take as much beating this week, but my right knee still looks pretty bad from our first trip, and it feels sore.

I managed 9 runs this time--3 of them on the longer blue course. Man, three-quarters of the way through those runs I would feel like I needed a break! It was tough on my thighs and hips. I did much, much better coming off the lift this week, but I did manage to fall over into a rock and get snow all down my pants.

We took one break during our 4 hour time and had some hot chocolate with a shot of espresso in it. I think I had a Kashi dark chocolate oatmeal cookie, and Ross had a gigantor blueberry muffin. When we were all done we changed into some dry clothes and headed to Logan's Roadhouse for some food. What to eat, oh what to eat? I just wanted Logan's rolls with lots of butter. I had 3 and a half. I also had a baked potato and a bowl of chili. Oooph. That was a mistake. That was way too much food. I should have just had 4 rolls and a side salad. Lesson learned.

It was late when we finally got home (I drove because Ross had Roadhouse Tea.) We took a bath and then went to bed. I slept half of Sunday away. This trip really drained me. My knee needs a rest. Ross is planning on going by himself on Friday.

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