Monday, July 25, 2011

Dark Tower: Book VII

Just before we left for Texas I finished the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. Woohoo! One of my 2011 goals accomplished! It took me less than two years to read all 3,795 pages.

The final book was okay. It sort of had two endings. I was okay with both of them. The first ending left things up to your imagination. If you wanted to you could keep reading and get an actual detail-filled ending. I think I liked the first ending better. Stephen King was in the last book. I found that completely annoying (again). He had an explanation at the end of the book, but no, I didn't buy it.

Now that I have read the entire series I plan to finish reading the graphic novel series. I think Ross has all but one of them electronically. That will be a new experience. I've never read a book or graphic novel on the computer. Ron Howard is interested in turning the series into movies or a TV miniseries. I'm not really interested in that at all, but I will most likely see it if it ever comes to fruition (Universal just backed out of production).

I still highly recommend the first novel in the series: The Gunslinger. I also recommend the first in the graphic novel series: The Gunslinger Born. I'll be sure to blog about the rest of the graphic novel series.

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