Monday, July 25, 2011

Gargoyles West of Santa Fe: Mirrors

Ross's mother had a mirror collection hanging in her entryway. Most of the mirrors were made by Gargoyles West of Santa Fe. Ross liked the particularly strange ones, not the cute and flowery ones. Our favorite is the frog/eye mirror. We brought seven of the mirrors with us back from Texas.

Yesterday we spent quite a while cleaning them. They were a bit dusty, but it seems that someone also painted something nearby without covering the mirrors or taking them down. All of the mirrors had white paint flecks on them. I was able to get most of them off with my nail. Then I hung the mirrors up in our room.

We are very pleased with our set of mirrors and I think we are both thrilled that they are on display instead of packed up and waiting for us back in Texas (like some of the other things we got from his mother.)

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Anonymous said...

I remember Gargoyles West. The people there were very nice. They actually gave me some of their cool mirrors, just because I would go in and visit them and admire their work. I always wonder what happened to them.