Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Collection: Handkerchiefs

I've always thought of myself as a collector, but not a very good one. I collect various things, but I don't have a substantial collection of anything. I do have at least a dozen handkerchiefs. I don't just use collect them, I use them, so they aren't all in great shape. I'm not even sure where they all are. I probably have a few hanging in the closet, stuffed in one pocket or another.

I always travel with a perfumed (lavender) hankie. It helps with headaches and nasty smells.

This handkerchief is the latest addition to my collection. I've always wanted a completely embroidered piece like this. I found it in Ross's grandmother's fur muff.

I am always fascinated by what beautiful (and useful) things some people can create with their hands. I think embroidery, cut work, drawn work, tatting, and lace making are dying arts. I'd like to make a beautiful handkerchief some day. Not one this elaborate, but maybe something with ginkgo leaves (one of my obsessions) and a monogram.

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V said...

I don't remember the exact situtation, but I do know your lavender hankie helped all three of us Luster girls overcome a nasty smell on a road trip - thank goodness you had that!