Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Collection: Fountain Pens

My fountain pens is one of my stalled collections. I have about a dozen pens, and I haven't bought one in more than 5 years. The pens all work, but they aren't in great shape. I have some pretty cheapie pens, a couple of Esterbrooks, a couple of Shaeffer's and my Visconti. Before I started working at Hopkins I was practicing my handwriting. I guess I should get back to that.
This is my Visconti fountain pen. I bought it as a graduation present to myself and haven't bought another fountain pen since. I should start using it again.

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Hariharan K said...

wow. thats quite a collection :) and visconti looks beautiful.. i recently revived my interests in fountain pens (for long i have been using only ball pens). so i stumbled upon your blog via google search on some fountain pen topics.

Btw , r u a member of fountain pen network. Its fun and am sure u will met lot of FP lovers.