Sunday, December 6, 2009

National Aquarium Dollar Days

It was one dollar, yes, one dollar for general admission to the National Aquarium in Baltimore this weekend. I wanted to see the jelly fish exhibit, so we headed down this morning. Thankfully we didn't have to stand in line very long to get tickets. Once inside we headed straight to see the dolphins and jellyfish. The jellyfish exhibit was awesome. I forgot my camera, so these shots are from Ross's cell phone.

The aquarium wasn't as crowded and crazy as I thought it would be. Things ran pretty smoothly until we reached the
entry to the rain forest area. We had to wait in line and then shuffle through the whole exhibit. The aquarium has a new octopus, but unfortunately we didn't get to see it. It was behind the scenes getting settled. We spent about two and a half hours in the aquarium. I'm not sure what my favorite part--but I always enjoy the Amazon exhibits.

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