Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It is Officical

I have a job. I applied for the job 2 months ago, and now I'm officially hired and cleared to work. I even have an email address! It seems my ID# and email address are the real measures of my existence at Johns Hopkins. I'll pick up my badge tomorrow when I'm down at the hospital.

My official job title is Research Program Assistant II. I will be working with the RIVUR study. My job is to organize all the old paperwork, make sure everything is up to date, and then keep things running smoothly after that. We have 30 patients, and we are a couple of months behind in paperwork, so I have plenty to do.

I'm hoping to learn a lot about how research studies work. Whenever this is over (we have at least one year left on our grant) I will finally have some clinical research experience. When things are finally running smoothly I'm hoping to learn how to draw blood and insert IVs (on children). Also, I may be able to go into surgery with the doctor that I'm working under.

One of the best parts of the job is the flexibility. I will be able to do some work from home and I won't have to go into the city every day. Being back at work full time is going to be very, very strange. So far Bailey doesn't like it. I need to remember to turn on the radio and leave a light on for her. By the time we get home it is dark.

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