Saturday, December 26, 2009

Snow Special

Bailey liked licking up the snow that she dragged in from the porch, so every day (sometimes twice a day) she's been getting a special treat. Ross scoops up a bowl full of snow from the balcony and she eats some snow, and then licks up the water as it melts. Last night the balcony was pretty much cleared, so I ran downstairs to get her some snow. She's so spoiled! The rain yesterday and today (along with higher temperatures) has pretty much melted the snow, so it will be a while before she has special snow water again.


Nicole said...

Hey there. I recently started following your blog and I really enjoy reading it. I'm nosy like that. It might be a little late but welcome to Maryland. Hope you have a great new year. Keep blogging. Peace.

k. said...

Thanks Nicole. I checked out your blog and it looks like we'd get along famously. Keep sending out that peace and love.