Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pigeon Stretches

I've been in a funk this week, so I'm just now getting around to a post. I haven't practiced king pigeon every day. The first photo shows me practicing with a yoga strap. It makes it look like I can almost do it! The next few photos show a shoulder stretch that I learned at Charm City Yoga. I've been doing this stretch and a couple of others to try and loosen up my shoulders. Today I realized that my pecs (which are always tight) are really holding me back, so I did some pec stretches. Ouch!
Okay below is the starting position for the shoulder stretch. Lay face down arms out to side, move right arm up towards the head two or three inches.
Next step: Roll over onto your right side and bend your left leg, placing your left foot behind your right knee.
Final step: Bend the right leg and bring the knees and ankles together. Bring the left arm back to meet the right. Allow the head to rest on the floor.

Don't forget to repeat on the other side!

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LisaDiane said...

Your pigeon is looking good. I love the shoulder stretch you are doing in the pictures. I learned that same stretch from Yoga Journal several months ago. Shoulder stretches and I have a love hate relationship, but I like this one because your body weight helps intensify the stretch. I have really tight pecks as well - what do you do to stretch them?