Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Arginine, Lysine, Blah, Blah, No Chocolate?

I was super whiny yesterday. I woke up with the start of a rather large fever blister. I'm baffled. I can usually figure out what triggered the blister, but not this time. I've been slathering it with some zovirax that I had in the cabinet and some blistex. I think it is a tiny bit worse today. So anyway, I did some reading on the internet yesterday and found out that herpes needs arginine to replicate and lysine suppresses replication. I think I took 7 grams of lysine yesterday--and tried to avoid arginine rich foods. Which foods are high in arginine? Chocolate and nuts, which is exactly what I had eaten right before I read the article. So now I'm swallowing huge pills and avoiding chocolate and nuts in hopes that this sucker clears up by the end of the week. And I just made choco-matzoh!!!

Yesterday I was also whiny because my entire body was sore, but especially my neck and shoulders, and I have no idea why. My belly stung in the shower. I have a few scratches from the tree. I also have a big lump on my shin. Wah.

I have also already received 5 rejections from the 11 jobs that I applied to. Frustrating.

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Team Serrins Springfield said...

I've found that ice applied directly to the fever blister helps as well. Ice & Lysine...