Thursday, April 16, 2009

No, Really, I Know How to Drive

I have had the new car for about two weeks now. I am embarrassed to admit that I had to relearn how to drive (automatic). When we bought the car they dealership recharged the battery because it had been drained in the showroom by continually showing off the awesomeness of pushing a button to turn it into a convertible. Right before we drove off I asked the salesman if I was going to have trouble with the battery. He assured me everything was fine. We drove straight from the dealership to Panera. After dinner I couldn't get the car to start. I immediately thought it was the battery. Nope. The car wasn't in park. Stick shifts don't have park.

A couple days later I had more trouble. Again, park, and oh, yeah, the parking break! I think I've finally gotten into a routine now when starting the car. Sad. You'd think I'd never driven before. In my defense I've never owned an automatic car.

This morning I took Ross's Subaru to get it inspected. It was so strange--driving stick again. I didn't stall or anything, it was just odd. I do miss driving stick--I knew I would. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and warm. Perfect for driving with the top down. Woohoo! (That is if I can get it out of the driveway.)

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