Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer Reading: Master and Margarita

Last month after reading Morphine, I checked out Mikhail Bulgakov's novel Master and Margarita from the library. I feel like such a grown up--reading a novel. I thoroughly enjoyed this tale about the Dark Lord, Pontius Pilate, and a slew of Muskovites.

Mikhail Bulgakov, whom I think looks like Daniel Craig in this photo, wrote a thrilling masterpiece. Again, I really enjoy Russian literature--descriptive, dark, and a bit creepy. I feel I have to credit the translator, Michael Glenny--I certainly couldn't have read this novel in Russian!

I think my favorite character was Behemoth, a big, black, talking cat.

Reading actual literature makes me want to write. I will write. I don't know if I'll ever publish, but I will write.

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