Friday, May 23, 2014


On my last visit to the library I picked up an adult-level book to read. I was attracted to the cover, sprinkled with hexes, the title, Morphine, and the size of the book--small. The publisher calls this 55 page book a pearl, but I think of it rather as a nugget. Mikhail Bulgakov, briefly a morphine addict himself, reveals via a diary, the downward spiral of a doctor who becomes addicted to morphine.

It isn't a new story, or particularly revealing, but Russian literature is so distinct in its style that I found it quite engaging. I have a hold on Buglakov's book The Master and Margarita. This little nugget of Morphine led me to a full-fledged novel.

The publisher has a whole series of pearl nuggets. I might just have to check out a couple more.

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