Friday, June 13, 2014

I Live with Spiders

I live with spiders. Spiders set up shop in every corner and under every cabinet. Today I had to disturb a spider that had created an intricate web across the clotheslines. I accidentally brought him in with the laundry and had Ross toss him back outside. When I was putting away laundry I saw some lint in the dresser drawer. I picked it up and oops....squished a spider. The spiders don't really bother me. I tell myself that they eat other bugs. I just don't like cleaning up after them. They leave little droppings and insect carcasses. Sometimes the little egg sacks freak me out. I think about a hundred little spiders crawling out of there and it is a creepy thought.

When I went to try and take a photo of any of the many spiders I live with they were all shy. Oh well, y'all know what a spider looks like.

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