Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Jenaer Tea Pot

A couple of months ago I broke my glass tea pot. After searching a bit I found exactly what I was looking for on Amazon: a large tea pot with a metal strainer (glass strainers are a pain to clean), and a lid that would fit on the pot without the strainer. My last glass tea pot had a metal strainer, but the lid didn't fit on the pot without the strainer, so I started using the lid from my cast iron teapot on it. It fit. Well, when I went to pour some tea one day I didn't hold the lid--it slipped forward and sheared the spout right off the pot. Oops.

The first tea pot Amazon shipped arrived broken. The spout was in pieces. This Sunday the post office (yeah, freaky, Sunday delivery) delivered another one. I'm hoping this Jenaer Glass teapot lasts a long time. I have a Jaener glass cup that is the size of a bowl. It has really held up. I just need to be careful with the spout.

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