Friday, June 27, 2014

Hiatal Hernia Relief

A few years back I was diagnosed with a sliding hiatal hernia. My main symptom: belching. It comes and goes. I'm supposed to eat small amounts at a time to keep it in check. I think a combination of full sit ups, alcohol, and eating too much last weekend severely aggravated my hiatal hernia. It had already been acting up for about a week. This whole week I have been miserable.

So, anyway, this week I was talking to Aunt Judy and she said that her chiropractor helps her with her hiatal hernia. I did some reading on the internets. I found an exercise that I tried yesterday: I drank some warm water, put my arms out to my sides, brought my hands in to my chest, stood on my tippity toes, then slammed down onto my heels.  This was supposed to jar my stomach back into my abdomen.

Yesterday I ate applesauce, had a double espresso, soup, and did the exercise a few times. I also tried a self-manipulation technique to try and physically pull my stomach back down through my diaphragm.  I felt a little better, but not completely back to normal.

When Ross got home I demonstrated the heel slamming technique. It triggered the hiccups. Well, that proved that it does affect the diaphragm. The hiccups didn't last long, and afterward I felt much better. When I got into bed I used the manipulation technique, and I could just tell that things were better. I slept like a rock, and this morning I felt like a new person. No belching first thing after waking up. After being miserable all week I feel like a new person.

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